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19 F*cked Up Steps Starting a Business (I’ve Made These Mistakes Before, Don’t Do This)

Before starting ANY business, do NOT fall into this trap below: Watch a TV program hyping up entrepreneurs. How many of us have come across that? Decide that you want to be an entrepreneur too. How many of us have watched a TV program hyping up entrepreneurs and suddenly decided, “Oh, I want to be…

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Will you be “automatically” rich? Yes, you can. The trick >>

It’s actually not that difficult. First of all, let me tell you that this post is about getting “automatically” rich in the long term.  How about the short term?  YES, getting rich in the short term  or near future can be done quickly too, although not “automatically”.  I will talk about that in another post…

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Leader or just a manager: Which one are you?

8 important traits. This one’s my favorite.. So you go to business school for college/bachelor or masters or even both.  That does NOT mean you’ll have the traits of a good leader, manager, or executive. Do you have them? This is my ultimate favorite one. Lucky for us, these leadership traits can be learned, and…

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