19 F*cked Up Steps Starting a Business (I’ve Made These Mistakes Before, Don’t Do This)

Before starting ANY business, do NOT fall into this trap below: Watch a TV program hyping up entrepreneurs. How many of us have come across that? Decide that you want to be an entrepreneur too. How many of us have watched a TV program hyping up entrepreneurs and suddenly decided, “Oh, I want to be…

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The Forex Training Guide

Finance Shortcut? How fast can you get rich with forex trading? (Free ebook download)

Hi guys! So in one of my earlier posts I talked about many ways to earn money; from little money to big money, and from small risk to big risk. One of the risky ways I talked about is forex trading. Simply put, if you buy 1 Euro for $1.30 and then tomorrow, 1 Euro…

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11 Secrets to Viral Marketing

Check out my latest infographic Based on the bestseller “Digital Marketing Madness: Social Media Marketing Strategy at Super Low Cost” The secret to going viral is to know WHY people share in the first place.  To know this, we just gotta know the 11 to 17 questions people ask themselves subconsciously before clicking  the…

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Success without constant hard work? Yes!

Okay, so in my earlier blog post here, I talked about the difference between a “real” entrepreneur and a mere “dreamer” with good ideas, and the what separates the two is action.  I also talked about what could be stopping a great dreamer (like you?) from actually taking action. One thing which may stop potentially…

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Business Plan Template

Weakest one-word business plan: “Someday.”

Are you a real entrepreneur or just a dreamer? Don’t worry, in this post I’ll tell you how to get your ass out of that “dreamer” mode. I know of so many people who either believe they’re kick-ass entrepreneurs or people who are regarded by friends as good entrepreneurs, just because they have “great ideas”…

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3 Powerful Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

(Don’t waste your time on bullshit resolutions you’ll surely drop anyway…!) Here are my suggestions: 1) I shall use my laziness as an advantage. With the proper direction, laziness can motivate you to find easier ways to do things in less time. And when you create a way to do this for other people, you…

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Entrepreneurship: Is it really about taking risks?

A U.S. presidential candidate this year suggested that entrepreneurs need to take more risks. Anyway, what does this mean for us business students or executives or entrepreneurs? Does being a “risk-taker” or “non-risk-taker” really help define whether you can be an entrepreneur or not? Or whether you can be a successful entrepreneur or not? In…

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WELCOME to my exclusive group of fans, friends & followers.

Take care and have a great day. Your buddy, David

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